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Some answers to commonly asked questions about AutoNumber
Q What versions of VB does AutoCoder work with ?
A It will work with VB5 and VB6.
Q Can I add line numbers to an entire project ?
A Yes, line numbers can be added at the procedure, module or project level.
Q Can I add line numbers to a finished project ?
A Yes, in fact this is the recommended approach to avoid interfering with normal code development.
Q I use Visual SourceSafe for code management, will AutoNumber work with VSS ?
A Absolutely. AutoNumber will not add line numbers unless you have checked your source file out.
Q Can I remove line numbers from code that already has line numbers ?
A Yes.
Q My line numbering has gone wrong, some line numbers have got changed and others do not have any line numbers. Will AutoNumber cope with this ?
A Yes, just use the remove line numbers button and then re-add them. The AutoNumber remove facility works out which lines start with a line number and just removes them, it will not remove code.
Q I accidently added line numbers to code that already has line numbers, how can I sort thi out ?
A Use the remove line numbers button to remove the line numbers that have just been added.
Q I’ve cut and pasted code around and the line numbers are now out of sequence, does this matter ?
A No, VB just requires that line numbers within a procedure (sub or function) are unique and not too large. The largest line number possible is the maximum value of a 4 byte number (approximately 2,147,000,000). VB generates an error during compilation if it finds a non unique error within a procedure (“Duplicate declaration in current scope”). For neatness you can, if you wish, reorder line numbers by removing and re-adding them with AutoNumber

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