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AutoCoder is a Visual Basic add-in which adds standard ('boilerplate') code to procedures in Visual Basic. By making this easy it encourages developers to produce consistent, robust and well documented code. You can completely customise the code that is inserted.

Here are some of the features :
• Easy to use and to customise to suit your error handling strategy.
• Add headers and footers to the current procedure when you create it, as you are developing it or once you have finished.
• Header and footer code completely configurable using a template file - there is no 'standard' code that must be included.
• Can have different headers and footers for procedures (functions and subs) and properties (get, set and let).
• Separate templates for procedure headers and footers.
• Macro language for customising code that is added to each procedure and property.
• Can specify different templates for procedures (functions and subs) and properties (get,set and let).
• Four separate template files for each of procedure headers, procedure footers, property headers and property footers.
• Integrates completely with the Visual Basic environment - no external programs.
• Comprehensive, context sensitive help system.
• Full manual.

AutoCoder can be used where ever 'standard code' needs to be added such as:
• Error and exception handling code.
• Procedure headers for documenting code with author name, date, procedure name etc.
• Auditing code.

Setup Screen
A setup screen is accessible from the Visual Basic environment that allows you to customise the following :
• Whether the AutoCoder item appears on the VB standard toolbar and/or menu.
• Change to a different template file.
• Edit any of the 4 template files.
• Setup a different editor for editing template files (the default is Windows Notepad).

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