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We maintain a database of technical tips and useful information that we have found during development that is not readily available on MSDN and elsewhere.

Here is a sample of tips from across our technology areas.

SQL Server
Tech Tip 1   Using the resultset returned by one stored procedure in another
Tech Tip 2   Using Keywords in SELECT Statements
Tech Tip 3   Changing the Owner of a Stored Procedure
Tech Tip 8   Information Returned by Stored Procedures

Visual Basic
Tech Tip 4   Coping with Null Strings in VB
Tech Tip 5   Recompiling ASP Components in VB

Tech Tip 6   Reserved Characters in XML

Tech Tip 7   Adding Line Feeds in XSL

Technical Articles
SQL Server / XML
Tech Article 1   Producing Well Formed XML from SQL Server's 'FOR XML' Feature

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