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Some answers to commonly asked questions about AutoCoder
Q What versions of VB does AutoCoder work with ?
A It will work with VB5 and VB6. A version that will work with Visual Studio .net is planned.
Q Is their any limitation on the code in the template ?
A No, any code can be inserted. It doesn’t even have to be valid VB.
Q Can I add template code to a finished project ?
A Yes, autocoder will work out where your code starts and finishes and adds the template code at the appropriate position in the procedure.
Q I use Visual SourceSafe for code management, will AutoCoder work with VSS ?
A Absolutely. AutoCoder will not add code unless you have checked your source file out.
Q How do I remove code that has been inserted ?
A Autocoder does not support removal of code. If for some reason removal is required simply select and delete it using the VB editor. Some similar tools will remove code but they rely on the placement of delimiting strings in the inserted text so that the tool can located the code it placed. These are usually some permutation of unusual characters which are thought to unlikely to occur naturally and do nothing to enhance the look of the code. There is also the danger that the user deletes them.

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